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Trusts, Will and Trust, Living Will, Living Trust

Trusts, Will and Trust, Living Will, Living Trust

Trusts: Living Trusts; Trust Creation & Trust Administration

The preparation and execution of a Trust is a great tool to protect your estate and your loved one's future. Trusts are powerful and effective documents used to avoid Probate and to efficiently disburse assets and bequests.  It is also a means by which you can exercise or maintain some control of your assets after you are gone while at the same time provide for your loved ones.

Trust creation is an inherently unique process for each estate and the usual "cookie-cutter solution" is generally inadequate.  A qualified, experienced estate planner can provide you the guidance and leadership to create the right Trust structure to properly manage your estate.

Once established, maintaining and administering a Trust also requires an expert hand and guidance.  We can assist and advise the Trustee in all matters and issues that arise during the administration of the Trust.

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Last Will and Testament

Your last Will and Testament is a legal document that addresses both the assets and liabilities of your estate. A well conceived estate plan utilizes all estate planning documents, including the last Will and Testament, that together will achieve your goals, provide for your loved ones and establish for you a lasting legacy.

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