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What is Estate Planning

An Overview of Estate Planning

All estates can benefit from a careful and skilled review by an experienced estate planner. As you know, family circumstances and assets of an estate are in constant change. We will evaluate your estate with a "360 degree" perspective to understand both the vulnerabilities and opportunities particular for your estate planning needs. A thorough assessment of your assets and estate by an estate planner will undoubtedly benefit your future legacy.

The Law Office of Frederic M.C. Hu  can also help you with maintaining your estate plan. With laws and regulations changing every year, your estate planner is a helpful partner to keep your estate most current.

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The perfect estate plan is very personal to the individual.   An experienced estate planning attorney  will do more than merely print generic, one size fit all, estate planning documents.  A properly prepared estate plan is one that will best achieve your estate planning goals and wishes.

Familiarity with living trusts, wills, and the Federal Gift Tax laws is a good start. However, knitting them together to create a cohesive estate plan that meets your needs is best handled by competent legal counsel. 

Wealth Retention & Legacy Planning

Federal Estate Taxes and State Transfer taxes are becoming potentially dangerous to the legacy you leave behind. There is a rise in family contention and litigation regarding estates. However an estate planning attorney will guide you through the process to avoid this potentially destructive possibility. 

No estate plan should assume anything about your estate and assets. Estate planning software and supposed "trust services" only provide one piece of the entire estate planning landscape and therefore only protect your estate from a few issues.

Help your children and loved ones achieve your goals and provide them with a solid estate plan which you can be proud to pass along to your next generation.

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