Frederic M.C. Hu, Attorney at Law


Estate Planning Thoughts from Frederic Hu

Do you know who your beneficiaries are for your will, life insurance, and other assets?

Did you know that a will does not cover certain assets including life insurance payouts who's beneficiaries are covered in the policy, not a will usually. Therefore it is very important to meet with a good estate planner who knows the law in order to: 

  1. Listen to your needs, desires, and goals 
  2. Draft an Estate Plan for you to review that includes all aspects of your assets including your will, trusts, insurance policies, and others. 
  3. Manage and track your estate plan throughout the years at regular intervals  
  4. Alert you to changes in the law and recommend what to do with your estate plan on a regular basis. It is important that this professional understand, practice, and lead in the legal aspects of estate planning in order to maximize your estate plan. 

Life Insurance within the Estate Planning Toolkit